No Pepper Spray on Nonviolent Protesters

(revised 5/3/05)

Index to Log of 2005 Trial in the Pepper Spray Q-Tip Suit

Days One and Two

Day One, Tuesday April 12, 2005
Jury Selection

Day Two, Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Plaintiffs' Opening
by Dennis Cunningham
Defendants' Opening Statement
by Nancy Delaney

Terri Slanetz Direct Examination by Dennis Cunningham
by Nancy Delaney
by Dennis Cunningham

Michael McCurdy Direct Examination by Bob Bloom
(First part and summary of Bear Creek Videotape)

Day Three, Thursday, April 14, 2005

Michael McCurdy Direct Examination by Robert Bloom, continued
    Mike Cross
Examination by Nancy Delaney
    Mike Re-Direct

Jennifer Banka Schneider Direct Examination by Tony Serra
    Scotia Video
    Banka Cross
Examination by Nancy Delaney
    Banka Re-Direct
by Serra
    Banka Re-Cross
by Delaney

Deputy Sheriff Marvin Kirkpatrick Direct Examination by Bill Simpich

Day Four, Monday, April 18, 2005

Deputy Sheriff Marvin Kirkpatrick Direct Examination by Bill Simpich, continued
    Kirkpatrick Cross and Direct Exam for Defense by William Bragg
        Additional portion added 4/20/05 
Exam by Simpich
by Bragg
  Lisa Sanderson-Fox Direct Examination by Bill Simpich
    Cross-Exam by Delaney
    Re-Direct by Simpich
Sheriff Gary Philp Direct Examination by Dennis Cunningham (completed next day)

End of detailed daily logs. See note below for explanation.

Day Five, Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

Kimberly Ann Kerr (witness taken out of order) Direct by Dennis Cunningham
Cross-exam by Delaney
    Direct for defense by Delaney
    Etc. back and forth
Sheriff Gary Philp Direct by Dennis Cunningham (continued from previous day)
    Cross by Delaney
Arnold Millsap, ex-police chief of Eureka Direct by Tony Serra
Cross by William Bragg

Day Six, Wednesday, April 20, 2005

David DuBay (defense witness taken out of order) Direct by Delaney
    Cross by Robert Bloom
Dennis Lewis, ex-sheriff, Direct Exam by Robert Bloom
    Cross  and Direct for Defense by Bragg

Day Seven, Thursday, April 21, 2005

Dennis Lewis (continued from previous day)
Maya Portugal Direct by Bob Bloom
Spring Lundberg Direct by Tony Serra
Anthony Bouza Direct by Dennis Cunningham
Sam Neuwirth Direct by Bill Simpich
Noel Tendick Direct by Bill Simpich
The plaintiffs rested their case except for subpoenaing former Atty. Gen. Lungren to appear Monday.

Day Eight, Monday, April 25, 2005

The defense will present 9 witnesses in all.

Day Nine, Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Last defense witnesses
Jury Instructions

Closing Arguments
               Plaintiffs' Closing Argument - Dennis Cunningham
               Plaintiffs' Rebuttal to Defense Closing - Tony Serra

Begin Jury Deliberation.

Day Ten, Wednesday, April 27

Continue Jury Deliberations

Day Eleven, Thursday, April 28

Jury Verdict for Plaintiffs!

Note: We have suspended updating the detailed log after Day Four due to the press of other duties, including taking the daily trial notes for the legal team. 

For an alternative daily report on the trial, we refer you to the reports published by The Eureka Reporter by reporter Diane M. Batley.  Ms. Batley's reports are linked from our News & Commentary Index and Links page. 

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