No Pepper Spray on Nonviolent Protesters

 updated 3/23/05

What You Can Do The Action Page

Action is the antidote to despair!

Attend the trial in San Francisco!

At this writing our new jury trial gets under way April 11, 2005, in U.S. District Court in San Francisco before Judge Susan Illston. We have a brilliant, award-winning legal team of civil rights lawyers, and we have a strong case. 

By attending trial you will be letting the world see that we have public support. A showing of public interest and support for us augments the perception of our credibility and worthiness. Everyone will see by your presence that we are not the isolated, law-breaking extremists which our opponents try to paint us as. 

When you come to trial please dress conservatively. No political t-shirts, signs or buttons are allowed in the courtroom. Remember that there is tight security at federal courthouses, and you must pass through a metal detector while everything you bring in must go through an X-ray machine. Besides the obvious weapons, you are not allowed to bring in any pocket knife, camera, camera phone or sound recording device. However you can check them with the marshals at the entrance and reclaim them on the way out.

The location is the Federal Building at 450 Golden Gate Ave. between Polk and Larkin Sts, two blocks north of Civic Center Plaza. Come to Judge Illston's Courtroom 10 on the 19th floor. Trial sessions run Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with a 45 min. break at noon and two shorter breaks. On Fridays there are no court sessions. At this writing we expect the trial to about last two weeks.

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Be among the first to know about breaking news, developments and actions in this case. It's simple to join and easy to unsubscribe if you later decide to. Just send a blank email from the computer where you want to receive email updates to 

Just clicking on the address above should generate the email for you automatically; all you have to do then is send it. No need to add a subject line or anything in the body (it's going to a computer, not a human). You will receive an automated reply message from Yahoo to confirm your subscription and give you additional information.

Help us reach others and spread the word 

Please tell your friends and acquaintances about this No Pepperspray website and the email list. If you have a website, please place a link to this site there. (Besides helping people from your site find this one, the link will also help boost our site's position in Google searches.)

Shameless Plea for Monetary Help!

Big money for personal gain has never been our goal in this case we aim to stop the use of pepper spray on nonviolent protesters. Our lawyers only get paid if we win, and hopefully the defendants will have to pay them. However, it takes money and resources to keep the lawsuit alive, as well as undertake our grassroots organizing and education about police abuse and threatened forests.

Any support or donations (tax-deductible) for the Headwaters Forest Pepper Spray Plaintiffs legal fund will be very greatly appreciated and utilized. Please make checks payable to Trees Foundation, and earmark specifically for the Pepper Spray Plaintiffs Fund.

Pepper Spray Fund c/o Trees Foundation
PO Box 2202
Redway, CA 95560 USA

You can now  make a secure online donation to our legal fund through Trees Foundation using a credit card or a debit card that bears a Visa or MasterCard logo (link updated 8/18/03)

If you prefer to donate by mail using your credit card, please see instructions on our Contributions Page.

Thanks for your help!!!